Military style Embroidered Iron On Sew On Patches Badges Transfers Fancy Dress

Military style Embroidered Iron On Sew On Patches Badges Transfers Fancy Dress

Brand New Iron On Patch

Patches Available

British Flag - 60 x 35mm

Nasa - 75 x 75mm

Sargent Stripes - 55 x 45mm

RED Sargent Stripes - 55 x 45mm

Yellow Stitched Sargent Stripes - 55 x 45mm

UK Patch - 70 x 45mm

US Patch - 70 x 45mm

Airborne - 85 x 50mm

Space Pilot - 100 x 95mm

Special Forces - 90 x 75mm

Security Guard - 85 x 20mm

Gold Star Bar - 55 x 20mm

Top Gun - 60 x 45mm

US Navy - 60 x 60mm

US Army - 60 x 60mm

US Air Force - 60 x 60mm

US Marine Corps - 60 x 60mm

Army - 80 x 65mm

U.S. ARMY - 120 x 30mm

Air Force - 100 x 45mm

Astronaut - 70 x 80mm

Parachutist Badge 60 x 30mm

Army White 100 x 25mm

Military Star 55 x 60mm

Medal Patch 115 x 30mm

Green The Air Force 55 x 60mm

Space Explorer 90 x 65mm

Black / Yellow Army 95 x 30mm

Camo Sargent Stripes 70 x 40mm

Camo US Army 75 x 40mm

US Nasa 95 x 30mm

Black US Army Star 80 x 60mm


Remember Pearl Harbor 90 x 105mm

US Navy Fighter Weapons School 90 x 90mm

Rear Admiral 100mm x 100mm

6 Gold star Bar 85mm x 30mm

Red & Black Corporal 75 x 65mm

US ARMY Black and Gold 30 x 100mm

Camo Airborne 60 x 80mm

Lest We Forget 90 x 65mm

Astronaut 90 x 60mm

Army Camo 3 star 75 x 50mm

Curved Camo Army 90 x 30mm

Small Camo Army 50 x 15mm

Camo 3 star Bar 45 x 20mm

Camo Star with Chevrons 65 x 25mm

Stars and Stripes 80 x 25mm

3 Silver Star Bar 60 x 20mm

4 Gold Star Bar 75 x 25mm

Fighter Jet 90 x 50mm

SECURITY 105 x 35mm

Police with Border 70 x 25mm

Corporal Black backgrounds 75 x 65mm

Sargent Black Backgrounds 80 x 70mm

NASA Detailed  130 x 95mm

SWAT 85 x 30mm

3 Trooper Silhouette 55 x 90mm


As a guideline only please check both the material and Iron instructions 

Set the iron to a hot cotton setting. usually between 120-140°CPlace the patch in the desired location and cover with a thin piece of cloth.Iron and apply firm pressure evenly on the patch for approx 30-40sec till the glue melts.Iron the opposite side for approx 20-30sec to reinforce.When washing turn your garment inside out and use a gentle wash cycle.

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