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48pcs Various Animals Plastic Microscope Slides 4 boxs for Children Student 690142884967

48pcs Various Animals Plastic Microscope Slides 4 boxs for Children Student 690142884967

48pcs Various Animals Plastic Microscope Slides 4 boxs for Children Student 690142884967


1. Red box: mainly insect wings and legs1.Butterfly leg                 2.Butterfly Antenna3.Butterfly Wing             4.Honeybee wing5.Honeybee Antenna     6.Honeybee leg7.Dragonfly Wing            8.Dragonfly Abdomen9.Dragonfly leg               10.Locust leg11.Locust Wing               12.Locust Antenna2.Green Box: mainly corn, pumpkin, onion, burdock, lotus root, etc., is the root and stem of these plants or fruit for transverse or longitudinal, fitted sheet made of specially 1.Celery leaf                         2.corn stem3.lotus root                           4.cabbage leaf5.pumpkin ovary                  6.ginger root7.onion Epidermis                8.burdock root9.garrot root                         10.cucumber ovary11.sponge gourd stem        12.potato starch3. Yellow box: mainly some flower petals or roots, stems, leaves, etc.1.dandelion fuzz                2.carnation stem3.tulip pollen                      4.laver5.lily pollen                        6.camellia pollen7.sunflower pollen            8.bamboo cane9.phlox leaf                       10.pine tree stem11.veins of holy leaf         12.agar4. Blue Box: mainly some animal hair, such as: wool, cat hair, horse hair, pigeon feathers, scales, etc.1.goldfish scale                2.sardine scale3.plankton egg                 4.canary feather5.rabbit hair             hait                      8.cow hair9.sheep hair                     10.folw feather               12.pigeon feather


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